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Larimer Humane Society's mission to further the compassionate, safe, and responsible relationship between animals and people.

Additional Resources

Additional Wildlife Resources

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW)
Phone: (970) 472-4300
Phone: (303) 239-4501, after hours - dispatched by State Troopers
View a list of Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators  

Colorado Reptile Humane Society
Phone: (303) 776-2070

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Phone: (303) 823-8455

Larimer County Health Department
Phone: (970) 498-6776

Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association
Phone: (970) 213-3099

National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association
Phone: (320) 230-9920

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program
Phone: (970) 484-7756
Phone: (970) 222-0322, after hours/emergency phone

U.S. Fish & Wildlife
Phone:  (800) 344-WILD

Nuisance Wildlife Control Professionals                         
Online directory of wildlife control professionals (fee for service)

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