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Pet Loss Resources

The loss of an animal companion, whether due to death, being lost or stolen, or placement in a new home, may be one of the most devastating and painful experiences pet owners ever face. For many, such a loss is as traumatic as losing a family member or a dear friend and can trigger an intense grieving process.
The following list has be compiled by staff at Larimer Humane Society to assist you through the grieving process or for you to support a friend or family member who has experienced pet loss.

Fort Collins Area

Argus Institute at CSU Veterinary Medical Center
www.argusinstitute.colostate.edu or 970-221-4535

Robert H. & Mary G. Flint Animal Cancer Center
Consultation Coordinator (970) 297-4195

Pet Loss Support Group
Meets multiple times a month and is facilitated by Barbara Beach, LPC, NCC 970-224-5674 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pet People Help Support Service
http://www.petpeoplehelp.com/ (a nationwide service)

Center for Loss and Life Transition

Winds of Change Psychological Services

Greeley Area

Individual Pet Grief Counseling
Meredith Ringler-White, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist,
(970) 926-0203

Euthanasia and Cremation Services

Home to Heaven, In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services, Kathleen Cooney, DVM
Cats, Dogs, Exotics, Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals
970-412-6212, http://www.hometoheaven.net/

Precious Memories Pet Cemetery & Crematory
5815 East Highway 14, Fort Collins, CO 80524
970-482-7557, http://preciousmemoriespetcemetery.com/

Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium, Cremation and Grief Counseling Services
27292 County Road 13, Johnstown, CO 80534
970-962-9200  l  970-962-9207 (fax)

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6317 Kyle Ave.
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

5137 S. College Ave.
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

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