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Adoption Fees

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Pet from Larimer Humane Society?

Larimer Humane Society uses variable adoption fees. The adoption fee for certain animals is dependent on many factors including age, size, behavior, medical condition and demand. 

Adoption fees range from $25 to $150 for cats and kittens and $75 to $500 for dogs and puppies. Adoption fees for small mammals, fish, birds, exotic and barnyard animals vary. An animal’s individual adoption fee is listed on our website by clicking on the animal’s photo.

Included in the adoption fee:

  • Spay or neuter surgery for cats, dogs and rabbits
  • Medical examination for general good health
  • Preliminary vaccinations
  • Microchip identification implant and registration for cats and dogs
  • Collar
  • Slip lead or travel box
  • Post adoption medical exam from a participating veterinarian
  • Discount on your first initial pet purchase from Poudre Pet & Feed
  • First month of pet health insurance


Interested adopters may place an animal on hold for 24 hours for $20.00. $10 of this deposit may be applied to the adoption fee, the remaining $10 is non-refundable. Holds cannot be made over the phone and we do not talk holds on puppies or kittens under 6 months of age.

Why do your adoption fees vary by animal?

Several years ago, Larimer Humane Society implemented a variable pricing for our animals. While we don’t see one particular animal as more “valuable” than another (every animal up for adoption at Larimer Humane Society is equally wonderful from our perspective), we tend to assign higher adoption fees for our puppies, kittens and purebred animals. This helps off-set the cost of care for all our animals. Since there is no time limit on how long an animal can stay in our adoptions program (provided that the animal’s overall health and temperament remain positive), assigning higher fees to those animals who have a higher chance of getting adopted quickly allows us to reduce the adoption fees for those animals who might spend more time in the shelter. It also allows us to offer additional assistance to injured, sick or under-socialized animals who may need a little extra TLC before being placed up for adoption.

Please note, regardless of where our adoption fees are set, they do not cover all the costs Larimer Humane Society incurs for caring for the nearly 12,000 domestic and wild animals we see each year. Financial and in-kind donations, provided by generous members of the community (like you), help us supplement the animals’ care. If you have the ability to make an in-kind or financial donation to Larimer Humane Society, please do so. Your support means a lot to us and the animals.

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