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License Fee Schedule for Larimer County: Timnath, Fort Collins, Loveland, & Wellington

Dogs and cats are required to be licensed in the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, and the town of Wellington. Residents living in unincorporated areas of Larimer County are only required to license their dogs; cat and chicken licensing in unincorporated areas although not required, is encouraged. *New Ordinance*- Chickens, ducks and goats are required to be licensed in the City of Fort Collins.

Fees are:
  • $12 annually - dogs and cats under 1 year of age (spayed/neutered or intact)
  • $12 annually - dogs and cats over 1 year altered (spayed or neutered)
  • $35 annually - dogs and cats over 1 year, not altered (intact - not spayed or neutered)
  • $25 annually - goats 
    • $25 late fee per goat
    • Learn more about the process of owning urban agriculture including chickens, ducks and goats in Fort Collins, Loveland and Larimer County and contact Bill Porter, Director of Animal Protection & Control at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 530-2954 to begin the process.
  • $30 one-time fee - chicken coop
    • $30 late fee per chicken coop 
  • $5 - owner over age 62; animal is either under 1 year, or is over 1 year and is altered

Optional Cat Licensing Where Not Required*: $5.00

*Residents of unincorporated Larimer County are encouraged to purchase a license for their cats as well, although not required by law.

To purchase a pet license in person, please visit our administrative office (5137 S. College Avenue), our shelter (6317 Kyle Avenue), or stop by the office of one our participating veterinarians selling pet licenses or an approved pet license center located in northern Colorado.

Click here to purchase or renew a license on-line.

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6317 Kyle Ave.
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

5137 S. College Ave.
Ft. Collins, CO 80525

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